Best Guide: How To Travel In Thailand For Tourists

how to travel in thailand

Thailand is a great tourist destination with white sand beaches, green forests, and a strong cultural heritage represented by ornate temples and landmarks. Thailand is the tourist center of Southeast Asia and the “Land of Smiles”. Thailand is the perfect destination for travelers because of its affordable prices and friendly people, in addition to its stunning landscapes and attentive locals. However, coming to a foreign country for the first time can be a bit confusing, so here is a guide on how to travel in Thailand to have a great trip.

How To Travel In Thailand For The Best Trip

how to travel in thailand

After two years of dealing with Covid and severe travel restrictions, things will finally return to normal for international travel on July 1, 2022. The following amendments are now in effect. for all foreign tourists as of July 1.

  • Foreigners are not required to provide Covid Insurance documents.
  • All mandatory hotel quarantine orders have been lifted.
  • Foreign visitors can now enter Thailand without a Thailand card.
  • Vaccinated travelers are exempt from the requirement to present proof of vaccination prior to landing.
  • Their travelers must complete RT-PCR or Professional Antigen Test (Pro-ATK) 72 hours before flying to Thailand, including children traveling with unvaccinated parents. Before departure, no proof must be uploaded.
  • Random checks by airlines and Thai immigration authorities will ensure that travelers comply with Covid prevention rules (vaccinations or Covid tests).

Read on to find out how to travel in Thailand:

Make Sure You Qualify

It is important in how to travel in Thailand to confirm your eligibility before making travel arrangements to Thailand. Depending on your immunization status and the type of visa you’ll need to enter Thailand after July 1, you’ll need to figure out what to do.

Under the Visa Waiver program, you can choose to enter Thailand without a visa if you are a frequent traveler. You may be eligible for a “Visa on Arrival” if you are traveling to Thailand.

For those traveling to Thailand for another reason, they must first apply for a Thailand visa through their regional Thai Embassy or Consulate.

You can verify the visas are accessible to you in the later step of the procedure.

Apply for the Visa

Apply for the Visa

Visa Waivers

Visas from a Thai Embassy or Consulate are not required for entry into Thailand for those whose countries are included in the Visa Exemption Program. Most nations covered by the Visa Exemption Program are granted a 30-day stay upon arrival in Thailand. As part of this initiative, some nations may come, but only temporarily. It is important to establish how long you can visit Thailand without needing to apply for a visa by checking the country exemption list.

Visas for tourists and special tourists (STV)

A tourist visa can also be requested from the Thai embassy or consulate by foreigners. There are two types of tourist visas: the regular 60-day tourist visa, which can be extended for an additional 30 days, and the 90-day Special Tourist Visa (STV), which can be renewed at the local immigration office for two further 90-day periods. The STV has several criteria, but it enables a visitor to stay in Thailand for as long as nine months.

Visa de Non-Immigrant

Foreign nationals may also apply for a variety of non-immigrant visas, including:

  • Non-immigrant B visa – for job or business
  • Non-immigrant O visa: for spouse and family visits to Thailand
  • Students attending accredited Thai universities, along with their parents or legal guardians, are eligible for non-immigrant ED visas.
  • For people who want to retire in Thailand, there is a non-immigrant O retirement visa.
  • Non-immigrant OA and OX visas are available to those who want to apply for a long-term Thailand retirement visa (it is different from type O visa)

Book a Flight, Hotel, and COVID-19 Insurance

Book a Flight, Hotel, and COVID-19 Insurance

After July 1, there will be some changes in how to enter Thailand, so it is important for travelers to be aware of what is needed before leaving their country and entering Thailand. Lan. And here is the guide on how to travel in Thailand

Fly to Thailand

Now, the majority of airlines, including Qatar, Emirates, Singapore Carriers, All Nippon, Finnair, Thai Airways, and other key carriers, are allowed to run weekly or daily flights to Thailand.

Vaccinated travelers must have immunization records available. Unvaccinated travelers must complete RT-PCR or Pro-ATK 72 hours before leaving their home country.

Airlines will conduct random checks and if passengers do not meet Covid standards, they will not be allowed to board their flights, although the Thailand Pass has been discontinued as of July 1 and tourists.

Travelers should make sure they have researched the variety of Thai visas issued to foreign nationals at this time before booking flights to Thailand with airlines to determine the viability of the trip. . Please note that entry to Thailand without the proper Covid documents is not guaranteed by the possession of an airline ticket.

Travelers don’t need to worry about booking “sealed” flights if they want to transit directly to a domestic flight as all mandatory quarantine requirements have been removed.

Purchase Insurance

Prior to the existence of Covid, having travel insurance was a wise move. When the Covid epidemic hit, it was required.

It is advised that everyone visiting Thailand have travel insurance. Even if many aims for an incident-free holiday, testing positive for Covid is still a possibility, and accidents and illnesses can still occur.

Free medical treatment is not available to foreign visitors in Thailand. In the worst-case scenario, a traveler can incur high medical costs. A good insurance plan can protect a traveler from unforeseen medical costs and let them take a worry-free vacation.

A decent insurance plan will also cover things like missed flights, damaged or lost luggage, and personal property damage. You Should note this tip on how to.

Do I Have to Apply for a Thailand Card?

Foreign visitors will no longer require Thailand Pass to enter Thailand as of July 1, 2022. The system is still operational, but it has been transformed into a platform where tourists can search Seek guidance, and report any positive Covid diagnoses to Thai authorities and medical facilities.

Prepare Your Flight’s Paperwork

It is advised to get some paperwork ready for your vacation once you have made your flight arrangements and are ready to go.

  • In your passport, a valid Thai visa, or an electronic visa approval (if applicable)
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate, just in case the airline or passport control asks to see it when you arrive for a spot check.
  • RT-PCR or Pro-ATK test results, if required, for a Covid check, either before departure or upon arrival.
  • The Thai government advises travelers to Thailand to purchase travel insurance.


Make your trip great with our tips and guides on how to travel in Thailand. Hope this article has brought you useful information.

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