Best time to visit Thailand Phuket (travel experiences)

Best time to visit Thailand Phuket

When is the best time to visit Thailand Phuket? This is probably the question that many visitors mention and search on search websites when it comes to traveling to Phuket, Thailand. Among the numerous islands scattered along the narrow strip of land leading to Malaysia, Phuket is a potential island for tourism development. Today, the island’s restaurants, hotels, and resorts along with the island’s airport are open to welcome visitors from Asia, Europe, Australia, and beyond.

So, what do you know about Phuket? and What is the right time to get there for your travel purposes? Let’s explore with us in this article!

What does Phuket, Thailand have?

Phuket is famous for its beautiful white sand beaches and unspoiled green forests. Moreover, the seawater here has a strangely beautiful turquoise blue color. That is why Phuket is known as a tourist paradise, the jewel of Thailand. And it is not surprising that every year this place attracts millions of tourists to explore.

When coming to Phuket, tourists will discover the largest island in Thailand and more than 30 large and small surrounding islands. The beaches are separated by rocky headlands, the most famous of which is Promthep Cape at the southernmost tip of the island. Coming here, you also have time to visit Chalong temple, Phuket old town with Portuguese architecture, watch the sunset in the afternoon at Laem Promthep cape is extremely interesting.

Especially, the colorful Patong entertainment area and hundreds of cultural entertainment activities will surely make you attached and do not want to leave. What’s more, when traveling Thailand to Phuket FantaSea in Kamala. You will be able to open your eyes to the famous nightlife complex, or visit Phuket FantaSea to participate in attractive games, carnival village, shop for handicrafts, …

*If you want to enjoy Thai cuisine at famous Halal restaurants in Phuket, please refer to 5 Best Halal Thai Restaurants in Phuket.

What does Phuket, Thailand have?
What does Phuket, Thailand have?

So, When is the best time to visit Thailand Phuket? Find out now in the next section!

Best time to visit Thailand Phuket

You are looking to explore Thai culture and cuisine by going to one of the famous places of this country, Phuket. So, do you know when the natural scenery is beautiful? Which season has many unique festivals held? Rest assured, we will provide you with information about the appropriate climate and seasons so that you can enjoy your trip in this wonderful city.

Thailand’s climate is a tropical savanna climate with hot, rainy weather. From mid-May to September, it is influenced by the southwest monsoon. From October to mid-March, it is influenced by the cold, dry northeast monsoon. The southern isthmus is always hot and humid.

Phuket city in particular or Thailand in general has 4 distinct seasons:

  • Dry season lasts from January to February,
  • Hot season from March to May,
  • Rainy season from June to October,
  • Cool season is from November to December. In which the most rain (90%) occurs in the rainy season.

Phuket tourism is most beautiful in the cool and dry seasons, specifically from November to February because during these months there is almost no rain, the climate is quite cool, the sky is clear and sunny. This is convenient for outdoor activities such as swimming, sightseeing, playing and entertaining. This is also a good time to take place many special festival activities of Thailand, such as: kite flying festival in March, Songkran water festival in April, lantern festival in November, etc.

The dry season is the main tourist season of the Thai island of Phuket. During the peak season, there are millions of tourists from all over the world. They visit the beach and attend special festivals in this beautiful city. If you don’t like the crowd but want to enjoy the quiet space or rent a room at a discount, you should choose to travel in the less crowded months, typically April, May, June, September, and October.

However, traveling to Phuket in the rainy season will make you encounter some inconveniences for traveling as well as enjoying fun in Thailand. But if you love the quiet, not crowded and noisy, this time is very suitable. The cost of traveling to Phuket in the rainy season is also minimized, airfares, room rates, amusement park tickets are all reduced sharply.

Things to prepare for your trip to Phuket, Thailand

Types of personal documents

When traveling abroad, the most important thing is to prepare all the required identification documents. There are some cases when you will need them more than anything, because abroad can cause problems that prevent your travel. These documents are very important and can affect your country if there is an unfortunate mistake. Let’s take a look at some important documents for your trip!

  • Passport or visa entry visa (You can refer to the Passport & Visa Requirements of Thailand here)
  • Immigration declaration with all necessary information
  • Citizen ID card
  • Air ticket, hotel booking confirmation (for guests who go on a package tour, they will not worry about these two documents)
  • Proof of financial funds to pay for your stay
Thailand visa
Thailand visa

Travel expenses

Thailand currently circulates 2 popular currencies, the Thai Baht and the US dollar. For the best shopping convenience, you should exchange both currencies, Baht is the main currency. The current conversion price is 1 USD = 33.61 Baht.

Tourists are advised to exchange denominations from 10 Baht to 1000 Baht at banks in the country before heading to Thailand. Currency exchange places you can refer to on google or ask tour companies to change directly.

Thai currency
Thai currency

What to bring?

Regarding luggage, you should only bring the necessary things such as clothes, personal belongings and a few other essentials for the trip. Besides, the clothes you bring also need to be suitable for the culture, customs and climate in Phuket. For example, if you plan to visit a few temples, prepare long, discreet, polite clothes in advance. And if you like to swim in the sea, you can’t miss the cool and comfortable outfits.

Visit a temple in Phuket
Visit a temple in Phuket

As an island and a coastal city, you really have to bring your skin care products and sunscreen when you go out. In addition, if traveling by yourself, you should have a map, book guide related to Phuket. Especially do not bring metal, sharp objects if you do not want to get into trouble at customs or other places that control your movement.

In addition, you should bring common medicines: cold medicine, vitamin supplements, motion sickness medicine, fever reducer, etc. This is to prevent necessary cases for you and your companions. Note that you should bring mosquito repellent or insect repellent because Phuket has about 70% of the forest area, which is an ideal place for insects to live.


We know that you want to travel in the low season so that you can enjoy the services here at extremely good prices and quality. However, the peak tourist seasons are the seasons with a suitable climate for recreational activities and sea tourism. This is also the reason many tourists flock to Phuket at certain times. But don’t worry, you have other options by going for the upcoming months of the transition between the two seasons. As we mentioned earlier, from late March to early June. But if you want to participate in Thai festivals, you have to come in March, April, and November which are the peak seasons.

Now you know the best time to visit Thailand Phuket, right? We wish you a successful trip!

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