Phuket is the largest and most famous island in Thailand, with an area of about 543 square kilometers. The ideal holiday destination, located in Southern Thailand, is known for its picturesque palm-fringed beaches, white sand beaches, clean waterways, and warm weather.

The island’s west coast, where Patong is one of Asia’s party capitals, and its quaint Old Town with its unmistakable Sino-Portuguese architecture, attract the majority of visitors. However, Phuket has some hidden gems that offer much more than the usual tourist attractions. Below, we explore some fun experiences and fun things to do in Phuket when you visit this idyllic island.

The Memorable And Fun Things To Do In Phuket

Visit Chalong Bay Rum Distillery And Have A Drink

Visit Chalong Bay Rum Distillery And Have A Drink

These are fun things to do in Phuket if you’re an alcoholic drinker. One of the cleanest rums in the world is made exclusively from sugarcane grown in Thailand without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Join one of the hourly tours (held regularly from 11 am to 6 pm) to witness the magic first-hand and learn how its famous rum is made, from the pressing process and fermented to distillation and aging, before being bottled and manually labeled. Each tour includes a Chalong Bay mojito, and you can choose between the original version and the full-flavored version.

Enjoy Complete Seclusion In A Private Villa

This is one of the most interesting and fun things to do in Phuket. Banyan Tree Phuket offers an ideal piece of heaven for those who want to be alone instead of mingling with the frenetic crowds at popular beaches. The resort’s stunning pool villas, ranging in size from Spa Pool Villa to 1,300 square feet to one- and two-bedroom DoublePool villas, are nestled around a lagoon so you can enjoy privacy. in a picturesque location surrounded by lush vegetation.

It is located in the gated area of Laguna Phuket which has a lot to offer and is all within walking distance. You can go shopping at Canal Village Shopping Mall, play golf or relax at Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary. Your villa owner is always ready to help you at any time, day or night if you need anything more.

Visit the Charming Ao Sane Beach

One of Phuket’s best-kept secrets is the small Ao Sane beach. It’s a serene, 200-meter-long, well-hidden area that can only be reached by driving past The Nai Harn Resort. It is surrounded by lush trees and strewn with rocks, making it the perfect place for quiet reading and thinking. These are the fun things to do in Phuket for divers and snorkelers will love the multitude of marine life that reside beneath its emerald waters. The only restaurant on the beach that’s open for a relaxing and satisfying lunch if you’re hungry afterward.

Visit Phuket Upside Down House

Visit Phuket Upside Down House

This surprise attraction is one of the fun things to do in Phuket that you must try. It also known as Baan Teelanka, is a three-story red house that is colorful and completely upside down. You access the attic through the roof, where a staircase leads to the main living space of the house. The next step is to walk across the ceiling to investigate each room. A life-size tuk-tuk is housed inside the garage and the maze-like layout of the backyard garden will tax your senses even more. It allows you to have interesting photo opportunities and is definitely a good way to spend the day.

Visit The First Interactive 3D Museum In Phuket

The AR Trick Eye Phuket Museum is one of the island’s prized hidden gems. The museum is located inside Aquaria Phuket, another worthwhile destination, and offers many interesting photography props and optical illusions. The museum is completely interactive, to the point that they make sure there aren’t any “do not touch” signs for visitors to see! The museum is divided into five themed areas, one of which is a “masterpiece” section with interactive, reinvented replicas of famous works of art like Edvard Munch’s The Scream. One adult entrance to the museum is THB 440, but you can also buy a package that includes an entry ticket to Aquaria Phuket for THB 1,190.

Enjoy Panoramic Views At Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

A journey to this site, in Phang Nga and only 30 minutes from Phuket, will give you breathtaking 180-degree views of Phang Nga Bay and its impressive limestone structures and islets emerging from the water. blue sky. There is an entrance fee and you can choose to hike to the top (note that it’s a very steep climb) or catch a ride with one of the pickups at the bottom of the hill (available at a modest cost). costly). If possible, try to get there before 5:30 am to see the beautiful sunrise. If you want to spend the night here, you can also rent a tent or a small cabin.

Visit Koh Yao Yai And Take A Vacation On The Island

This is another fun thing to do in Phuket. Most visitors head directly to the more famous Koh Phi Phi from the movie The Beach, but if you’re looking for a lesser-known beach that really is one of Phuket’s hidden beauties, head to Koh Yao Yai. This quiet, underdeveloped island is a 30-minute ferry ride from Phuket and is home to charming small towns, rubber plantations, mangroves, and beautiful quiet stretches of isolated coastline. Aside from renting a kayak to travel to the surrounding islands like Koh Nok and Khao Phing Kan, the area is best explored on a scooter. At friendly, family-friendly restaurants, enjoy freshly grilled seafood at the end of the day.

Visit The Floating Village Of Koh Panyi

This is another of the fun things to do in phuket Another undiscovered hidden treasure is a small Muslim fishing village, which has a population of just 1,600 and is known for its stilt houses and eateries. Visit Koh Panyi to see how the locals live; it has a mosque, school, market, gift shop, seafood restaurant and even a floating soccer field made from old fishing rafts and scrap wood. Koh Panyi is a fully functioning island.

Explore The Night Markets

Explore The Night Markets

Back on land, Phuket still has a ton of fun things to do in Phuket. The island has a number of amazing night markets that are the ideal setting for a laid-back evening of exploring.

The Chillva Market, which features stores made of colorful shipping containers, is undoubtedly one of the coolest options. You’ll enjoy a trip around whether you’re hunting for gifts or simply want to tuck into some delectable Thai street food. One of the best things to do in Phuket at night is to explore the markets.

Enroll In A Thai Cooking Course

Indulging in the mouthwatering cuisine of Thailand is one of the fun things to do in Phuket (and Thailand in general). Why not attempt to make it yourself while you’re here? In Phuket, there are a ton of fantastic culinary schools you can enroll in to learn how to make delicious Thai food at home.

You have no idea how many times I have yearned for Thai food in locations where it is simply difficult to find. You won’t ever have to be without it again if you learn to prepare a few recipes on your own. Additionally, you can dazzle your friends by hosting a delicious dinner party and wowing them with your new abilities.