Golf travel insurance: Full useful defination

Golf travel insurance Full useful defination

Anyone who plays golf well enough will tell you that it is an expensive sport. It just wouldn’t do to lose your golf equipment when traveling because golf clubs may cost thousands of dollars. By purchasing golf travel insurance for your golf vacation, you can relax and spend more time on the green and less time getting angry. Read the article below of for more information!

What is golf travel insurance?

If you’re planning a golfing vacation, golf travel insurance is a unique kind of travel insurance that offers extra safety. It includes special protection for your golfing gear, green fees, and more that you won’t find in a typical travel insurance package.

Answer a few questions about the fundamental coverage you require from your golf travel insurance in order to add golf coverage to your policy. You may add golf coverage and a number of additional extra covers to your insurance when comparing prices.

What is golf travel insurance?
What is golf travel insurance?

What does golf travel insurance for golfers cover?

Your golf gear and green fees, as well as other things like trip cancellation and medical costs, are all covered by a golf travel insurance coverage from InsureandGo.

Golf equipment cover

Golf equipment is covered for up to £1,500, with each piece or pair being protected for up to £250. Your golf insurance may provide coverage for the following equipment:

  • Golf bags
  • Golf clubs
  • Non-motorised trolleys
  • Golf shoes

Any things included on your insurance will be covered if they are misplaced, broken, or stolen while you are traveling. If you cannot provide us with proof of purchase, such as the original receipts, any item exceeding the value of £100 may be subject to a 10% deduction.

Green fees cover

You will be protected for up to £75 per day and up to £300 for a portion of the price of your green fees, when there is no possibility of a return. These might include tuition costs and equipment rentals for golf. If you are unable to participate because of illness, injuries, lost, or stolen papers, we will make up the difference.

Green fees cover
Green fees cover

Hole-in-one cover

Insurance often protects you if anything unfortunate occurs, but hole-in-one insurance ensures that, if you’re fortunate enough to smash an ace, you won’t have to pay the entire bar tab!

Every golf club in the world has it written into their club regulations that anyone who makes a hole-in-one must purchase a round of golf for the whole club (or at least their playing group). Our hole-in-one insurance might help you save money by contributing up to £100 against the bill.

When making a claim, you must have the original certified score card and a written report from the golf club secretary attesting to the competition’s specifics that is countersigned by your playing partner. Additionally, you need to request receipts from the golf course for any expenses you made just after your hole-in-one.

Please visit our policy docs page for additional information on all aspects of our golf travel insurance.

If you’re going to do more than just play golf while on vacation, we routinely cover over 50 sports and activities. Check out our policy documents or the website to see what activities are covered.

Do I need specialist golf travel insurance?

Standard golf travel insurance can ensure that you and your belongings are safe while you are away from home, but it can only provide so much security. For instance, baggage insurance can compensate you if your possessions are lost, broken, or stolen, but it has restrictions. It will only pay out up to a specific per-item maximum, which might not be enough to cover the cost of pricey golf clubs or other equipment. If you need to temporarily rent clubs for your vacation, it won’t assist you replace yours.

Even though cancellation insurance may protect you in some situations, it could not provide the all-encompassing coverage you need.

Your golf travel insurance will reimburse you for the cost of any planned activities you have to cancel if you have to cancel your entire vacation due to an unexpected circumstance, such as a medical emergency. However, if you arrive on vacation only to discover that the golf course is closed because of bad weather, your green fees won’t be reimbursed by typical travel insurance. Added golf insurance, however, will pay for green fees if this occurs.

Overall, a typical travel insurance policy can provide you with basic protection, but if you want protection for your golfing vacation that goes above and beyond, adding golf coverage is the way to go.

How much is golf travel insurance?

The cost and terms of a plan will differ as golf travel insurance is not a one-size-fits-all product. Before buying travel insurance, it could be helpful to comprehend price ranges. A plan should typically cost between 4% and 10% of your total planned, non-refundable vacation expenses.

Do I need specialist golf travel insurance
Do I need specialist golf travel insurance


Golf travel insurance offers additional benefits for your golf vacation in addition to the numerous basic ones that come with our travel insurance. You will be protected in the event that your golf clubs or other equipment are lost, stolen, or damaged while you are away, as well as any irrecoverable green fees you have already paid (or have agreed to pay) in the event that you need to reschedule or shorten your trip.

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