Best travel insurance for high-altitude destinations

Best travel insurance for high altitude destinations

Travel insurance for high-altitude destinations. Let’s face it: There’s a good reason why a typical travel insurance company would cancel coverage the moment you pass a certain altitude. In other words, mishaps can happen in the mountains.

Any hiker or mountaineer would hate to incur debt as a result of an expensive helicopter rescue operation. I can vouch for the fact that I’ve witnessed folks have severe altitude sickness to the point that they needed to be evacuated. These problems do occur frequently on well-traveled treks like the EBC, Three Passes, or the Machu Picchu Trek and are perhaps more frequent than you may realize. You will, however, be protected for any medical emergency or evacuation if you purchase one of the best travel insurance for high-altitude destinations by listed below.

World Nomads Trekking – Travel insurance for high-altitude destinations

As a company, World Nomads has received endorsements from well-known travel-related organizations like Lonely Planet and National Geographic. When you combine this with the thousands of Trust Pilot customer reviews they have amassed over the years, it is clear why World Nomads has such a stellar reputation.

Additionally, they are supported by reliable, reputable, and specialized underwriters who provide travelers excellent coverage, round-the-clock emergency help, and the best levels of aid and claims handling!.

World Nomads Trekking - Travel insurance for high-altitude destinations
World Nomads Trekking – Travel insurance for high-altitude destinations

Let’s begin by defining World Nomads. To learn more about the insurance company, you can also read my whole World Nomads Insurance Review. Independent travelers have been protected, connected to, and inspired by World Nomads since 2002.

They provide straightforward, adaptable travel insurance as well as safety tips to make your trip easier. World Nomads gives you the opportunity to make a difference when you purchase an insurance by allowing you to donate a little amount since they believe in giving back to the countries we visit. – travel insurance for high-altitude destinations

Additionally, they will provide you free manuals that you may download, as well as advice from their international community on how to travel responsibly.


  • Covers a Lot of Countries Worldwide
  • High Coverage for Medical Expenses
  • Flexible Prices
  • Buy or Extend Anytime, Anywhere
  • Perfect for adventure-loving travelers
  • 24/7 client support and an online claims option


  • Limited age coverage for seniors
  • Depending on the country and region, coverage may vary.
  • Limited COVID coverage

Travelex Trekking Insurance

Travelex insurance – travel insurance for high-altitude destinations is our second pick for climbing insurance when you meet daily necessities in case something goes wrong. Family-friendly pricing and coverage are available from this excellent travel insurance company. Additionally, they provide plan extensions that will let you to remain covered when hiking at high altitudes. You may obtain trekking insurance up to 20,000 feet (6,000 meters) above sea level through them, and they offer coverage on an individual basis. As a result, it’s fantastic for climbers planning to ascend Kilimanjaro, the Alps, or the Andes, as well as the Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal! 

The fact that you can download an app from Travelex to get useful information about the place you’re visiting is another fantastic feature of their service that we love. By giving you real-time security warnings, details on the safety of the food and water, and ATM locations, it will keep you secure! 

Travelex Trekking Insurance
Travelex Trekking Insurance

Climbing insurance from Travelex is an excellent option if you’re searching for a low-cost travel insurance package that will cover the adventure sports component of your trip! The climbing insurance company Travelex offers free quotes. To understand more about why Travelex Insurance is one of the travel insurance for high-altitude destinations companies, read our entire evaluation of the company.


  • If they are traveling with an adult who is covered by the insurance, children under the age of 17 will receive free coverage under the travel insurance.
  • provides an enhancement for adventure activities, including high altitude hiking
  • To acquire a “cancel for any reason” option, you can upgrade your plan.
  • Unlike other rivals’ supplementary coverage, medical expenditure coverage is primary.
  • Provides excellent coverage for travel delays. providing after a five-hour wait USD $2,000 per person.


  • The “Cancel for Any Reason” policy offers a 50% return of the non-refundable deposits, which is less than the typical 75% offered by most travel insurance companies.
  • Compared to higher levels from leading rivals, the Travel Select plan’s emergency medical expense coverage is $50,000.
  • Baggage delay compensation are only available after a 12-hour wait, which is longer than most firms need.

WorldTrips’ Trekking Insurance

We recommend the WorldTrips travel insurance plan as our third option since it is a versatile plan that enables customers to select the add-on coverage they require. Pets, adventure activities like high altitude climbing and trekking, destination weddings, and even hunting and fishing equipment are all covered by WorldTrips’ customizable plans. – travel insurance for high-altitude destinations.

WorldTrips high altitude travel insurance for high-altitude destinations is going to be the greatest option for vacationers wishing to partake in a variety of adventurous activities. However, compared to the other two above-mentioned schemes, the elevation coverage is smaller. However, WorldTrips only offers hiking trip insurance up to a height of 15,000 feet (4,500 meters).

As a result, if you intend to go to very high altitudes, you must select a different trekking insurance provider. The options and improvements that WorldTrips offers visitors make it a travel insurance for high-altitude destinations provider if the elevation issue is not a concern for your trip.

WorldTrips’ Trekking Insurance
WorldTrips’ Trekking Insurance


  • A “cancel for any reason” upgrade is available.
  • Your travel insurance for high-altitude destinations can be upgraded to include “interruption for any reason” coverage.
  • offers $2,000 in exceptional missed connection insurance for each person after a three-hour holdup.
  • provides $2,000 in compensation for each person’s travel delays.
  • Travel annoyance insurance is available through WorldTrips.


  • Compared to other trekking insurance carriers, they give coverage up to 15,000 feet (4,500 meters) above sea level, which is a substantially lesser elevation.
  • When compared to other insurance companies, the $150,000 in emergency medical expenditure coverage is extremely low.
  • To receive compensation for a luggage delay, you must wait 12 hours. hope you will collect useful and necessary knowledge through the above article: 3 Best travel insurance for high-altitude destinations

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