What to Do in Bali for Couples? 6 Romantic Ideas for You

What to Do in Bali for Couples 6 Romantic Ideas for You

A magical Indonesian island, Bali is known for its beautiful surf beaches, coral reefs, vibrant forests, rich culture and friendly people. A honeymoon in Bali really gives it all – a wonderful location, unforgettable experiences and memories for a lifetime. What to do in Bali for couples? The answer will be short.

What to do in Bali for couples?

Go to Canggu

Not less than a few years ago, Canggu was a fairly quiet seaside town in Bali, with only a few hostels (mainly for surfers) and not much else. But over the past few years, it has grown into one of the most popular tourist attractions. Come here for great food, take a yoga class, try surfing and dance the night away!

The most romantic sunset at Uluwatu Temple 

This will probably be one of the best memories you and your partner have in Bali. Uluwatu temple is located on the sea, so you can look out over the great sea along with the vast sky. The air is unpolluted, nothing obstructs the view and when you sit on the wall, with a glass of Bintang (or soft drink) in hand, you will be amazed at the view of the sunset.

The most romantic sunset at Uluwatu Temple 

Visit Ubud Monkey Forest 

A visit to the Monkey Forest is one of the other romantic things to do in Bali. This is a very beautiful forest and a great place for a walk. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to wear a monkey on your head while eating bananas, and watching the peaceful and unspoiled scenery around the forest. This is one of the best things to do in Bali whether romantic or not.

Visit Ubud Monkey Forest 

Hike up mount Batur

Hiking may not be the most romantic thing for some couples, but others find adventure and physical activity to be wonderful bonding experiences. However, while the hike up here can be challenging or difficult it requires good health and perseverance. Either way, the sunrise from this volcano is unbelievably beautiful. It was such a romantic moment and something I recommend all couples to do during their trip to Bali.

Hike up mount Batur

A couple of Photoshoot at “Bali Swing”

The Bali Ferris wheel offers a service that allows you many photo opportunities for couples, including a chance to swing alone in the forest, a romantic bed at the edge, and 4 amazing rocks perched on the edge with great views great. For $12, you get to take all the photos and get to keep them. This is a great way to get some romantic pictures together to remember your trip.

A couple of Photoshoot at "Bali Swing"

Relax in the Hot Spring 

Amazing hot springs can be found anywhere there are volcanoes, and Bali is no exception. Tegal Wangi Beach is a popular location for couples. There is a hot spring there, which is essentially a private, outdoor jacuzzi with great ocean views. Nothing could be more romantic than unwinding with your significant other while taking in that vista, in my opinion. That looks lovely. Bring some refreshments, and take your significant other to enjoy the scenery.

What to do in Bali for couples?

Things to avoid when visiting Bali for couples

  • Wearing a cross-body bag: Bali may be an island paradise, but sadly, it’s also full of opportunistic thieves. In which the heaviest are those on motorbikes who snatch bags from tourists walking on the sidewalk or riding motorbikes themselves. If you need a bag, use a backpack and wear both straps. Avoiding sidewalk edges can also help!
  • Take off the shoes: As a majority Hindu province in Indonesia, you are sure to come across a lot of temples. It is customary not to wear shoes inside, so remember to leave your shoes outside, or you may offend the locals, who will ask you to leave or come back after taking your shoes off.
  • Don’t Honk without reason: If in Bali you happen to rent a car, bike or scooter, it’s best not to honk and cause a commotion. You’ll notice that cars often honk a few times to send a signal to the vehicle ahead. Aggressive action by honking will make the locals look annoyed.
  • Avoid using the left hand: The left hand in Bali is considered an unclean part of the body. Therefore, locals will use their right hand most of the time to do something important, such as giving or giving someone something, pointing, eating, etc.


Bali is a beautiful and romantic destination that offers many activities for couples. These are perfect for all couples, whether you’re simply traveling the same world, on vacation, celebrating or on your wonderful honeymoon. That’s the great thing about Bali, is that it has something to suit everyone, and it has something to suit every pocket.

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