What To Do In Chiang Mai? These Are The Fantastic Ideas For You

What To Do In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is actually Thailand’s second city; it’s a calmer, quieter alternative to the chaos of Bangkok. Formerly home to the Lanna Kingdom, it is now a popular destination for a wide variety of tourists, including backpackers, humanitarians, and retired ex-pats.

Many visitors come here regularly and stay longer than planned months or years. Visitors are drawn to the atmosphere of the city, whether they are looking for a climbing adventure or a spiritual awakening as they visit the various temples.

What to do in Chiang Mai? In terms of cooking courses, temple visits, street food, and culture, the city itself has a lot to offer. But beyond its borders, you’ll discover pristine nature, stunning wildlife, and exceptional mountain towns. Our list of the biggest attractions in Chiang Mai will give you the answer to your question about what to do in Chiang Mai.

What To Do In Chiang Mai? With 10 Suggestions

Take A Visit To Doi Suthep

To Doi Suthep

What to do in Chiang Mai? Doi Suthep is the most well-known attraction in all of Chiang Mai; every tour guide and driver will ask you if you want to go; it is comparable to Big Ben in London. Doi Suthep, a peak with a stunning view of the entire city, is located about 12 kilometers outside of Chiang Mai. Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, a 13th-century temple with a sizable white elephant shrine and an imitation of the Emerald Buddha, is located on the mountain, which is 5400 meters high.

Discover Doi Pui Village

Doi Pui Village

It is true that this small Hmong town caters to more tourists than the actual Hmong. However, there is a small display that showcases a typical hill tribe house and provides detailed information on the history of the different communities that have lived in the mountains of Thailand throughout the years.

What to do in Chiang Mai? You can wear ethnic costumes for photos if you want to travel more and there are many small shops where you can buy handmade textiles, handmade jewelry, tea, and other things.

Visitors can explore a large garden with a variety of plants, and the village offers stunning views. A bowl of smoky khao soi, Chiang Mai’s most famous dish, should be ordered with a lunch stop at one of the quaint eateries overlooking the lush landscape below.

Since you only need to drive a little further into the mountains to get to Doi Pui, you should have this on your itinerary on the same day you visit Doi Suthep. It’s been a great ride, so enjoy it all.

Eat Khao Soi

Eat Khao Soi

The most famous export from Northern Thailand is undoubtedly Khao Soi. It’s a coconut and curry-flavored soup with chicken, golden egg noodles and deep-fried egg noodles on top. This meal has a lot of texture. You’ll get a small plate with chopped red onions, pickled broccoli, and a slice of lemon on the side of the soup. What to do in Chiang Mai? You must try Khao Soi if you have not tasted any other food of the area while visiting Chiang Mai; it is delectable. Various culinary trips are also offered.

Walk along San Kamphaeng Road

San Kamphaeng Road

The 10-kilometer-long street, also known as “Craft Avenue”, is home to famous shops with ceramics, silverware, lacquerware, sculptures, wood carvings, and silk goods. Celadon pottery, whose green glaze looks like jade, is particularly famous for being produced in this area. What to do in Chiang Mai? You can find many Celadon pottery shops along this road. Few people know that Chiang Mai is home to some of the finest silverware in Thailand, and if you visit Louis Silverware, you can see the master craftsman at work.

Wat Chedi Luang

Wat Chedi Luang

Ruins are not uncommon to see in Chiang Mai or Thailand in general. But there is something particularly beautiful and mysterious about Wat Chedi Luang. The impressive building, built in 1401, was damaged in an earthquake in 1545. However, it is still impressive today and the huge elephant carvings that decorate it can still be seen. see.

Lak Muang Temple is a charming little temple located beneath a large gum tree to the left of the entrance to the area. The temple was built in 1940 on the site of an earlier wooden structure that was the residence of the guardian deity of Chiang Mai (Lak Muang). Tradition holds that if a big tree falls, the city will be destroyed. Any time of day is a beautiful time to see the temple, but at night when it is fully lit, it is quite beautiful. This is an interesting place to explore when discussing about what to do in Chiang Mai.

Visit Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon National Park

What to do in Chiang Mai? The highest peak in Thailand is located in Doi Inthanon National Park; it is a natural outgrowth of the Shan Hills and is mainly formed from granite. You can’t help but notice the number of bird species you will see when you visit the Park; Doi Inthanon is home to more bird species than any other location in Thailand. The park has a land area of 48,240 hectares. The highest point of the mountain is 2565 meters high, and it has experienced as low as -8 degrees Celsius.

Visit the Mae Ping River By Boat

the Mae Ping River By Boat

What to do in Chiang Mai? A two-hour boat ride along the Mae Ping River is a wonderful way to spend the day since you can see how the scenery along the river changes and see a lot of lovely traditional teak houses and rural flora. The boat tours are offered by a few tour companies (reserve online), and they both sail for around 45 minutes before stopping for lunch at a local farmer’s home. While there, you can also observe how jasmine rice is produced and continue to unwind in the lush gardens.

Have A Good Time Haggling In The Night Market

The Night Market

During the day, Chang Klan Road is just another street, but at night, when the stall owners take out their stalls and set them up overnight, the whole area is illuminated. What to do in Chiang Mai Many vendors sell a variety of goods along the way, including lanterns, imitation designer goods, and other handcrafted items. Many items lack price tags, and bartering is openly encouraged. Regardless of the weather, the market is open every day of the year.

Relaxing At The Orchid And Butterfly Farm

The Orchid And Butterfly Farm

It is not surprising that orchids are especially loved by the people because they are the symbol of Thailand and Thai Airways. Visitors can marvel at the exotic flowers year-round and purchase seedlings in this area just outside of Chiang Mai. What to do in Chiang Mai? You can find fresh orchids that have been dipped in gold and turned into various jewelry items in the gift shop. The Butterfly Farm, which protects hundreds of butterflies in their natural habitat, is located right next to the Orchid Farm.

Take Part In The Loi Krathong Festival

The Loi Krathong Festival

More than any other city in Thailand, Chiang Mai hosts the annual Loi Krathong festival, which coincides with the 12th lunar month. To honor the Buddha, Krathongs – lotus-shaped baskets with candles in the middle – are placed in the water of the moat that surrounds part of Chiang Mai. The Krathongs are then released far away. The whole celebration is truly breathtaking and is something you must cross off any bucket list you may have. Thousands of lanterns will fill the sky at the opening of the Krathong festival. What to do in Chieng Mai? If you’re thinking of visiting Chiang Mai during the festival, book your room as early as possible because at this time of year hotels fill up quickly.

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